Predictive Chaos is teaming with Ad Persistence and BringItHome to introduce its technology directly to consumers with the Player’s Edge Lottery Picks™ service for Mega Millions® and Powerball® lotteries. People have many ways to come up with lottery numbers – from birthdays to quick picks to fortune cookies, but to date, no one has successfully approached predicting lottery winning results using scientific methods until now.

The Player’s Edge Lottery Picks™ is a unique service not available from other sources. It is our goal that websites offering the Player’s Edge, experience a high adoption rate that increases web traffic as people hear and learn about this unique service. Currently marketed as a website traffic driver that combines the excitement of playing the lottery with digital advertising, the Player’s Edge Lottery Picks™ is a free, ad supported, pop-up widget available to website owners and available for brands interested in advertising on the pop-up. For more information and access to the Player’s Edge Lottery Picks™ please visit .

For more information regarding Ad Persistence please visit and for BringItHome please visit
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